Balfour Cinque Ports Wine Maker’s Collection

Balfour Winery- Staplehurst, Kent

Available in: 75cl

A blend of the five white varieties of Champagne; Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Arbanne and Petite Meslier. Elegant and refined, each of the five components were chosen for their subtlety rather than their power. After blending, the wine was aged for nine months in French Fontainebleau barrels with prolonged lees ageing in tank and barrel to add texture and subtlety. A wine of elegance and harmony

Features: Closure: Cork Made In Kent

Meet the producer...

Balfour Winery- Staplehurst, Kent

Balfour Winery is one of England’s leading wine producers, pioneers for both English traditional method sparkling wines, and a new wave of English still wines. Making over 400,000 bottles of still and sparkling wines each year, Balfour is one of England’s most respected and renowned wineries, combining world-class winemaking with a spirit of innovation. Jake’s Drinks Jake’s is a collection of craft beers and ciders from the winemakers at Balfour Winery. As with their wines, the beers and ciders are made with the same skill and pioneering spirit. They combine the best local ingredients, a winemakers touch and a vision for producing drinks of elegance and balance. Most importantly, they make what they love to drink.

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