How it all began

1804, the year before the Battle of Trafalgar whilst England was fighting the Napoleonic Wars, the Duke of Wellington stayed at the London Hotel in Ramsgate, which was owned by Robert Page and his younger brother Richard. At that time, there was a threat of invasion by Napoleon and among those caught up in the invasion scare was a grocer named Fisher. He offered his shop on the corner of Harbour Street and Market Place for sale and hastily left the town. 'The Iron Duke' had taken a liking to young Richard, then just 24, and advised him to buy the empty grocer’s shop. 

Black and white photo of Page & Sons shop front from the 1800s
Black and white photo of an old cellar storing boxes of wine and barrels of beer

Importing & Bottling

Richard took his advice and invested his life savings in the new venture in 1804, establishing a business which has been passed on from father to son for seven generations. In addition to the grocery store Richard started importing Port & Sherry and bottled the Page's own blend Sherry in the cellars under the Ramsgate shop. At this time deliveries would be available in Thanet or along train lines as far as London, as long as orders were over £2.

The humble horse drawn cart

The business outgrew the original shop and moved to new premises in Queen Street. This success meant the business had to move away from horse drawn deliveries and purchased the first motorised vehicle in Ramsgate to meet customer demand. The business saw war break out twice more in Europe,  Kenneth Alvis Page managed, with great determination, to keep the business running throughout the Second World War and continued to grow and developed its wine imports to make Page & Sons a house hold name in Thanet.

Black and white photo of the first Page & Sons team in front of a horse drawn delivery cart
Page & Sons van parked by a beach front

Customer Focused

We're proud of our heritage and with two centuries of experience behind us we believe that our knowledge and service is virtually unbeatable. Our focus is the future and ensuring Page & Sons continues to provide an exceptional portfolio, incredible service and stays true to our family values each generations has imparted. 

Partnerships with local producers

  • Kent & East Sussex vineyards
  • Distilleries
  • Breweries
  • Soft drinks & waters
Landscape photo of English countryside with grape vines
A row of draught beers on a cellar board

Cellar Management

  • Draught installations
  • Full technical support & training
  • Mobile dispense solutions
  • Brewery Support