Wemyss The Hive Malt Whisky

Blair Athol Distillery- Scotland

Available in: 70cl


The Hive is a malt whisky that welcomes you with a honey-like sweetness, zesty citrus flavours and a floral bouquet.

This zesty, sweet and rounded whisky is the perfect start to the adventurous exploration of flavour. When introduced to a new whisky drinker it will be sure to cause a buzz in the conversation.

Like the life and soul of the party it is zestful and spirited with notes of orange blossom and candied fruits.

Gentle with a rounded, smooth mouthfeel, it is a high-spirited whisky bottled at 46% alcohol by volume and is non chill-filtered.

Try neat, on the rocks, in a Cloudy Lemonade Highball or in an Old Fashioned.