Anno Candlelight Pink Rhubarb Rum

Anno Distillers- Tonbridge

Available in: 5cl, 70cl


Fermented and distilled in Kent with a melange of botanicals using a fusion of Caribbean and English brewing styles, Anno tuned Patience to replicate the smoothness and characteristic flavour of a Jamaican double-retort still, infused with American Oak and Kentish Applewood.

Features: Made In Kent

Meet the producer...

Anno Distillers- Tonbridge

Inspired by their love of craft spirits, lifelong scientists Andy and Norman decided to use their expertise and passion to found Anno in 2011, bringing a proud tradition of gin making back to their home county of Kent for the first time in over 200 years. Our enthusiastic team has strived to ensure that every drop of Anno relays the passion and love we all share for quality craft spirits. We impart our fondness for science and experimentation into each bottle to bring you the best flavours that the Garden of England has to offer. →