Curious Apple Cider

Chapel Down Winery- Tenterden, Kent

Available in: 30L keg, 12x 330ml bottles, 24x 330ml cans


A cleaner, fresher cider made from fully ripe, hand-picked Rubens and Bramley apples from Kent which are then fermented in stainless steel tanks at the winery using our Bacchus wine yeast to preserve the aromatic, delicate, crisp flavour.

A premium cider drawing inspiration from winemaking and made from 100% Kent apples with crisp, fresh aromas of green apple together with hints of Gallia melon, elderflower, citrus and kiwi fruit. A clean tasting cider with no added concentrates or water.

These are also gluten free

Features: Made In Kent Vegan Vegetarian

Meet the producer...

Chapel Down Winery- Tenterden, Kent

England's leading winemaker and one of the UK's most exciting drinks companies. Chapel Down produces a world-class range of sparkling and still wines, together with the award-winning range of Curious beers & cider. Our sparkling wines are created using the Traditional Method, the same as Champagne, from fruit sourced from the South-East of England. →