Prosecco DOC, Botter

The Society of Vintners

Available in: 75cl

Vino Spumante Dry, Botter. Fresh, dry Italian sparkling wine, pale gold in colour with a bouquet of pear drops, lemon and melon. The palate is light and fresh with a clean finish.

Features: Closure: Champagne Cork Exclusive Vegan Vegetarian

Meet the producer...

The Society of Vintners

The Society of Vintners Ltd is a consortium that has 26 members covering the whole of the British Isles. The majority of Society Member companies are family-owned independent enterprises whose owner-managers have decided to band together with like-minded entrepreneurs operating broadly similar companies. The objective is to obtain competitive rates for an interesting and satisfying range of wines which are offered exclusively for sale through the consortium's network. This emphasis on near-exclusivity is a major point of difference between the national operators and the independent members of the consortium. Shipping is carried out extensively from France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and California.

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