Vinedo de Los Vientos- Atlantida

Available in: 75cl

The blend in its own right is unique but what makes the wine is the way grapes were harvested. The Chardonnay is picked very early, coming in at around 11% alcohol to take advantage of its piecing acidity, almost like a base wine for a sparkler, the Gewürztraminer picked at full ripeness, while the Moscato is allowed to ripen to an almost raisin stage. The grapes are all co-fermented together, no wood is used.

Features: Closure: Screw Cap Vegan Vegetarian

Meet the producer...

Vinedo de Los Vientos- Atlantida

The Viñedo de los Vientos property has been in the Fallabrino family since 1947. Now we have 17 hectares of vines. The varieties we produce are: Red- Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby Cabernet, Nebbiolo and Barbera, Arneis, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay and Moscato Bianco. Viñedo de los Vientos translates into Vineyard of the Winds, is located where the River Plate estuary,(the largest in the world) and the Atlantic Ocean meets, which provides clean cool ocean breezes and the ideal climate for the maturation of fine wine grapes. We practice a minimal intervensionist viticulture, respecting the enviromment and the native wild life.

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