Balfour Pink Fizz

Hush Heath Winery- Staplehurst, Kent

Available in: 12 x 20cl

Balfour Pink Fizz brings together two elements sparkling rosé and innovation. A blend of 7 varieties including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Bacchus all hand picked from Balfour’s vineyards on the Hush Heath Estate in Kent. Each variety is pressed separately, blended by our winemakers and fermented at low temperatures in Balfour’s winery, before carbonation and canning.

Features: Made In Kent Vegan Vegetarian

Meet the producer...

Hush Heath Winery- Staplehurst, Kent

WORLD-CLASS WINEMAKING IN THE HEART OF KENT Balfour Winery is one of England’s leading wine producers, pioneers for both English traditional method sparkling wines, and a new wave of English still wines. Making over 400,000 bottles of still and sparkling wines each year, Balfour is one of England’s most respected and renowned wineries, combining world-class winemaking with a spirit of innovation. Our Fantastic Team Balfour Winery is a family-owned business, with a young team, who have built the company’s reputation as an innovative business in a highly competitive changing marketplace. We are a happy bunch of enthusiastic people who work together in all aspects of the business and we have a lot of fun. Our teams are at the frontline of our continuing battle for success and reflect the passion and pride of our Balfour brand.

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