Page & Sons say “Low Alcohol Beers and Ciders Are Here to Stay!”

With drinking habits changing and the quest for a healthier lifestyle, we've seen a steady increase in the sales of low alcohol beers and ciders

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A Hand Picked Selection from the Page & Sons Wine Portfolio

Try these New Wines- in this June!

Here at Page & Sons we are constantly expanding our wine portfolio, take your pick from these new Kentish, Italian and Chilean Wines all arriving throughout June.

Summer Time Soft Drinks

We have an ever expanding range of softs and minerals perfect for the Summer months. Try these Soda Folk flavours or delicious Turner Hardy & Co. juices

June Gin Promotions

Make the most of these June Gin promotions with offers from Boe Gin, Anno distillers and Hendrick's. With special offers of free flavoured tonics and buy 4 get 1 free deals. Read on for further details..

Beautiful Boe

A collection of small batch gins made in Throsk, near Stirling. Hand picked botanicals and spices infused in neutral grain spirit, characteristically citrus with extraordinary balance and smoothness packaged into beautifully decorative bottles.

Our Ever Expanding Gin Portfolio!

At Page & Sons we have an ever expanding range of gins for every taste. Whether from one of the local Kent Distilleries or further afield, exotic and flavoured.

We Got History!

Established since 1804 and still a thriving family business (seventh generation Page.) Page & Sons has a rich heritage of retail, wholesale and importing.

Is Everyone Really Just Picking Their Wine Based on the Label? surveyed 2,000 wine drinkers about their buying and consumption habits, amazingly in 82% of instances the decision was based on the appearance of the labels!