Charringtons Cryals Private Bin

Charrington's- Tonbridge

Available in: 12x 330ml


This is a beautifully dry cider with a delicate greenish/lemony colour and a fine bead of bubbles. It has the refined fragrance of freshly-picked apples and pear drop sweets. Lovely Cox, Russet and Bramley apples combine to give refreshing crispness with a delicious fruity twist on the finish.

Features: Made In Kent

Meet the producer...

Charrington’s- Tonbridge

The Charrington's farm in Kent has always been a family-owned business since Clive Charrington bought the Cryals Estate in the 1960’s. Charrington Fruit Farms has been supplying apples to supermarkets for over 50 years. Today his son Alex is at the helm and has diversified the business. He still grows and sells the finest eating apples but has added cider-making to his repertoire and created Charrington’s Drinks. In their sparkling Estate Craft Ciders you can taste this flavour heritage mingled with the zest of a new generation of cider-makers. Charrington's sparkling craft ciders are very different from the traditional ciders you might have tried before. For starters they use top quality edible apples rather than bittersweets. Also, every one of the apples they use has been hand picked from the tree - if an apple so much as touches the ground it stays there! They gently press, carefully ferment and skilfully blend their ciders in small batches. Fine wines have their vintages and their craft ciders also display slight seasonal variations in flavour as dictated by the apples harvested each year and is perfectly natural. However, always of the highest quality, which is something Charrington's would never compromise. Refreshing and refined, delicious and distinctive. At celebrations or dinner parties why not serve up something a little different from the usual sparkling wine to your guests? After a hard day at work, instead of reaching for the standard beer or gin & tonic, why not treat yourself properly? Charrington's sparkling ciders are great on their own or accompanying food. Best served chilled and in a wine glass or champagne flute. ​Forget what you think you know about cider...these will change your mind! →