Boë Gin is lovingly created in small batches under the watchful eye of their Master Distiller, rare hand picked botanicals and spices are infused in the finest neutral grain spirit, liberating the full flavour of triple filtered Boë Gin, creating a high class gin, characteristically citrus with extraordinary balance and smoothness.

Boe Gin takes its name from Franz de le Boe; legend has it when Professor Franz was in search of a medicinal tonic he mixed neutral spirit with juniper berries and created gin.

With a variety of flavours and liqueurs to choose from within this range all beautifully packaged with botanical illustrations.

Try this American Peach party cocktail made using Boe Peach and Hibiscus Liqueur.

20ml Boe Peach and Hibiscus liqueur

20ml sweet vermouth

20ml Campari

Cubed ice

1x soda

and garnish with some orange peel twist and serve in a 12oz hi- ball glass.



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